Used Bicycle Wheels For Sale

Used Bicycle Wheels For Sale. Bike Crank Repair

Used Bicycle Wheels For Sale

used bicycle wheels for sale

    bicycle wheels

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Wheel for sale…

Wheel for sale...
– SRAM i-MOTION 9 speed hub w/ grip-shifter and cabling.
– 135mm hab spacing, fit on my Kogswell frame.
– 20 tooth cog.
– Velocity Synergy 36-hole 650b rim
– hand built w/ double butted spokes by Anthony King of Longleaf Bicycles
– estimate 2000 miles ridden with this, never a problem.
– also included if desired: HubBub Twist Shifter Drop Bar Adapter: For using drop bars on bicycles equipped with internal gear hubs such as the Rohloff Speedhub, Shimano Nexus and SRAM/Spectro models that are available only with twist grip shifters. For whatever reason, these things run around $40 new…

I paid over $400 for this setup 2 years ago. Just replaced it with a slightly fussier but lighter traditional derailleur setup.
Will part with it for $260 + shipping…

bikes for sale

bikes for sale
at Hudson Urban Bicycles, a friendly shop on charles st near the hudson river.
used bicycle wheels for sale